Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kimono Crack

This is my new favorite thing in the world, and there are so many things to be favorite about it. So many things in fact that I will denote them in list form.

1: It is a kimono

2: It is a CROPPED kimono. I don't know if I have ever seen a cropped kimono before in my life. It is such an obviously good idea I am embarrassed I didn't think of it first.

3: It is a silk cropped kimono

4: There is some serious, serious textile action going on here. Within this silk cropped kimono, there are two jacquard patterns; a floral and a paisley, and two printed patterns; a geometric and a floral geometric combo (closeups below). A very eclectic mix of traditional kimono motifs and modern designs. As a textile design junkie, this is like crack in garment form.

5: As a new addition to my wardrobe, it serves a completely unique purpose of anything else I own. It works like a cardigan, but no other cardigan I have is either woven, printed, multi-patterned, or a kimono.

So there you go. Not bad for $5.

Roses on dot background print, from the lapel. I love the hard graphic background with the placed rose print.

Traditional Japanese cherry blossom and bamboo jacquard. There is a lot of depth in this, very luxurious.

This is a traditional Japanese geometric kimono print. I love how modern these designs tend to look, but they are old old old.

Black on black paisley jacquard. A little textile history for you; the paisley pattern originates in Persia and India, but the name is Scottish.

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  1. I am salivating all over my computer looking at this. If I have to get a new one, can I please send you the bill?