Tuesday, November 2, 2010

R.I.P. Bethesda, Home of Amazing Bags

It may just be the age-old East vs. Westside rivalry that exists in the Green Bay area, but I don't necessarily have as strong of a connection with Bethesda as Laurie (go Eastside!). It could also be due to the fact that I simply haven't had as many chances to hit it up as she has, due to her long summer vacations home/Gap corporate policy. Still, it saddens me greatly that I will never have the chance at increasing these thrifting hits, as we are now saying a fond farewell to Bethesda.

In particular, I will always remember Bethesda for two of my most favorite bags.

Little Ruffle Leather Purse

Little Leather Ruffle Purse Close Up

As I am prone to carrying a water bottle with me at all times (hydration!), I rarely find opportunities to utilize smaller purses, but I absolutely could not pass up this great little ruffled leather one. I love the orangish color (my favorite purse of all time, seen here, is the same color), the double strap and its simplicity. FABULOUS!

San Fran

San Fran Tote Close Up

Nothing is more fabulous than this amazing San Francisco double-sided tourist tote. I love San Francisco and I love this bag. While the fabric isn't the best (cloth over plastic has not stood the test of time) and I have had to repair it million times to keep my pens from spilling everywhere, I do so with unwavering love.

The best part of this bag? If you look closely, there was a printing mistake. "Golden Gate Bridge" was printed as "Golden Gated Bridge," but someone sharpied over it. On both sides. I wonder how many bags that poor sap had to fix. I totally appreciate that sort of attention to detail.

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