Thursday, November 11, 2010

Casual Fall Dresses—Simple Short Sleeves and Not Strappy

The thing that kind of sucks about cold weather (well, really there are a lot of things that suck about cold weather, this is just one of them) is that it no longer becomes appropriate/practical to wear cute strappy dresses—not only do you freeze your tokus off but if you wear a sweater over them, you get your nice wool all sweaty.

The solution? Dresses with sleeves!

Now, I haven't had the pleasure of finding a whole bunch of dresses with long sleeves that I like (long sleeves are ass), but I have come across several excellent button-up short sleeved numbers. What is great about these is that not only can they collect your sweat, but they can also be worn in warmer weather.

Here are some of my favorites:

I am a big fan of these slightly conservative cuts—a tad boxy in the button-up top, tie around the middle, mid-calf grazing flowy skirts.

Homemade Buttonup Patterned Dress

This one is so weird—obviously handmade, with the strangest combo of patterned fabric. I can't figure out if the main fabric (which also covers the buttons) is supposed to be christmas lightbulbs or some sort of weird plant. Regardless, whoever made the dress must have ran out of the lightbulb fabric, because the pockets (yes, there are pockets) are two different fabrics:

Homemade Buttonup Patterned Dress (pockets)

Homie say what?

Striped Dress

I am not sure what is going on with this dress, but it sort of reminds me of some sort of nurse's uniform. Regardless, I always feel very "fresh" when I wear it.

90's Floral Dress

And...for good measure, a 90's tiny floral print All That Jazz button-down dress. If I wasn't sitting on the couch watching Couples Retreat with Tara "Wild Womyn" Zachman, I would throw on some bitchin' boots and this number and run out to party. But...I am watching Couples Retreat instead. Thinking about Applebees.

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