Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Best Things About Thrifting in Infographs!

Today I really wanted to go thrifting. But I can’t. I need to buck up, come to terms with the fact that I spent $200 thrifting a few weeks ago and wait patiently for a serious thrifting opportunity to come my way, such as my already scheduled thrifting trip out to Lindstrom with my great friend Mary next Saturday. Since I am practicing some thrifting abstinence this week, I’ve decided to reflect on my love of the sport and make some of my most favorite things in the world—infographs.

Now, my most favorite kind of infograph is the Venn Diagram, which showed up randomly throughout my secondary and post-secondary education. It pains me to think of the students now in Wisconsin that will have to go through their own schooling without Venn Diagrams, because I am sure that is one of the first things to be cut in Scott Walker’s plan to create jobs by slashing public school budgets. Since I love thugs like teachers, I can only hope that my little Venn Diagram can be my contribution to educating our young people on the ways of the world. Namely, where thrifting belongs in it.*

Another infograph which I hear modern marketers use for building corporate brand identity is the Cluster Graph. Much more nonsensical than the Venn Diagram, this graph is useful for connecting seemingly unconnected material in random patterns—perfect for illustrating the Best Things about Thrifting.

And finally, we have the simple Pie Chart, the beloved infographic of USA today and the Onion. Here, I have used it to approximate the feelings that come out of a good thrifting spree.

*For a further examination of my uses of the Venn Diagram, please reference my use of the model in explaining my professional interests here.


  1. Love these thrifting infographics! :)

  2. Thanks! Nothing like a little graphic action to keep your head in the game!