Saturday, March 26, 2011

Springtime is for...Goths?

The other day I tweeted (ugh) about "lovin' goths." I am not sure if it is all the True Blood I've been watching lately, or if I 've just been really inspired by this post on Fashionasty, but suddenly, I've been channeling some major Wednesday Addams in my everyday look. Which is rather un-springlike if I must say so myself. But then again, what is springy about lows being in the teens?

One of the best things about thrifting is that you can amass such a mish-mash of seemingly unlike items that flashes of fashion inspiration seem completely random—but they are much more likely to happen than when you just have a closet stuffed with this season's Forever 21 and H&M designer knockoffs.

Sometimes I am suprised with how new looks find me—I certainly wasn't looking to start dressing like a sexy nun (Chris' words, not mine). It just happened. But I'm digging it.

First, the "sexy nun" outfit. I took this school girl uniform shirt with a peter pan collar (courtesy of Everyday People) and tucked it into one of my best thrifted jean finds—the "crack finger pants" with buttons that go up the back of the calves. I threw on a decidedly goth three tier necklace from my grandma Vera (grandmas have the best saddens me to think about how generations to come will only get boxes filled with plastic remnants from Claires) and, of course, dark navy trouser socks (thrifted from the ABC thrift shop in Washburn, WI) and my adorable black oxfords from St. Vinnies.

Scallop Collar Button Down Top
Grandma Vera's 3 tier silver necklace
High Waisted Black Jeans
High Waisted Black Jeans Close Up
Black Leather Oxfords

Then, I threw on this outfit the other day for work (sometimes the best way to get through a long day of work is with a very cute outfit): my striped vintage sweater from wild thrifting with Jake, over the silk button down from the same trip (with the collar peaking out—simply adorable). Then I added this great flowy black skirt I picked up from a Bethesda in Minnetonka, black thigh-highs scrunched down to knee length (thanks to my co-worker Allie, who gave them to me!) and the black oxfords. Truly Wednesday Addams chic!

Cute Vintage Striped Sweater
Buttondown Silk Capped Sleeve Top
Black Flowy Skirt

Finally, I have a "grunge goth" look: my long sleeved black velvet mini dress, topped off with my denim Levi's vest, my grandmother's necklace, ripped black tights and my black buckle patriot shoes.

Velvet Mini Dress
Levi's Denim Vest
Buckle Patriot Shoes

Who knows how long this goth-inspired streak will go, but no matter what it is (darkly) fun while it lasts!


  1. My black buckle patriot shoes are dying, and I need new ones...quick! I love these ones, Holly. Help!!

  2. Well, you know what that means—it is time to plan a thrifting trip!