Friday, March 11, 2011

W.W.S.W.? (What Would Stevie Wear?)

It seems as though all things Fleetwood Mac keep popping up into my life recently. Don't get me wrong, there is always a healthy dose of the Mac present in my day-to-day life, but lately there has been an increase, no doubt in part to the up coming Fleetwood Mac cover night at the Turf Club this Saturday. Not only is Chris' band, Vampire Hands, doing a set, they are including the very lovely Sara Bischoff of Gold and Braid and our very own guest blogger, Molly Harrington, in mix! CAN'T WAIT!

Fleetwood Mac has shown its witchy ways in other aspects of my life as well. Laurie's boyfriend recently likened our blogging personalities to Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie (whoa, whoa, WHOA! I just googled "Christine McVee" to not only find out that I had her name spelled incorrectly, but that "Her future in music was literally written in the stars given the fact that her Dad Cyril was a concert violinist and Mom Beatrice was a faith healing psychic."* How this translates to a extraterrestrial fate, I am not sure. But I am sure that I am going to start reading up extensively on the all the members of Fleetwood Mac). I have also been starting every day at work with a spin (or two) of Rumours. In fact, my new thing is listening to the album as many times as possible before someone comes in the store. It truly is the best way to start the day.

As I have explored here, last fall I was ready for a switch from the preppy neutral look I had been channeling in the summer and went to the obvious source of inspiration—Stevie Nicks (of course.). Even though I love looking to Stevie whenever I need a kick in my style-pants, every time I see an article in Vogue or one of those other fashion rags about how BoHo is back in (again!), and they mention Stevie, I get a bit upset. Because Stevie cannot be tied down by some corporate mass media conglomerate. She can't even be tied down by the internet (see here). She can't be tied down by you or me, but she can be someone that we look to until the end of time as a shining beacon of style glory in this drab world of ours.

So, in choosing an outfit for Fleetwood Magic: A Tribute to the Mac, I think it is very important to assess the age old question of "What Would Stevie Wear?" Now, since it is sort of a metaphysical mindpuzzle to ask yourself what Stevie Nicks would wear to an event that is celebrating, come on, let's be real here people, mostly her, instead of limiting myself to picking out my outfit for this one evening, I thought it would be appropriate to examine which of my thrifted treasures may be the answer to that question.

Stevie Dress

The quintessential "Stevie Dress." I wore this at Halloween last year for part of my Stevie Nicks costume, so I hope Stevie would approve.

Hat and fannypack

Fanny pack aside, this hat is totally something Stevie would adorn with a bunch of feathers (hell, she'd probably stick a whole bird on there), and wear out to brunch. Ohmygod, can you even imagine Stevie Nicks at brunch!? That is like, the best thing ever.

Gigantic Swan Necklace

Stevie loves birds, so I am sure she would dig this huge swan necklace.

Boar's Tusk Necklace

TUSK!!!!!!!! Get it?!?!?!

Judy Bank Flowy Cape-shirt

This is Stevie's version of a hoodie.

Crushed Velvet Vest

The Fleetwood Magic facebook invite specifically asks people to "doth your finest capes and geekiest vests and join us." So, yeah, crushed velvet purple vest= the geekiest vest I own=perfect for Stevie (Geeks rule. Not that Stevie is a geek. Stevie is above geeks and all other superficial categories humans attempt to put each other in.).

Feather Print Button Down Denim Top

I feel like this is what Stevie would wear when she was at her most causal (if that was such a thing!) and didn't feel like wearing some sort of gauzy robe. You know, I could see her wearing this when she runs to the co-op or to get her oil changed.

Cropped Velvet Top

Deep blue cropped velvet top. Sure, the croppedness of this shirt may be a little modern for our 70's muse, but the color and the velvet are surely something Stevie would go for. And the flower pattern. All very Pyramid Collection.

Crazy Pattern Kimono

I am pretty sure Stevie would be into this most amazing kimono dress I picked up on Laurie and my first Black Friday Thrifting escape. My only fear is that it would be too earth-toned, and not jewel-toned enough for her.

Velvet Two Toned Dress
Velvet Two Toned Dress Close Up

Like this two-toned purple and magenta floor-length dress. Not really the knock out piece, but this is what the base-layer of Stevie Nick's outfits looks like. And yes, this is totally an "All That Jazz" piece from the past.


A long vintage flowy dress. Why not?

White Lace-up Booties

Also wore these with this year's Stevie Costume (I say "this year's" because I was also her back in 2007). On my wish-list: vintage crazy platforms. Stevie would approve.

Black Lace-up Boots

For Stevie's darker days.

As I sadly will not make it to NYC in time for its annual Night of 1,000 Stevies, I will have to limit my Stevie-appropriate look to this Saturday. Wait. What am I saying? You can dress like Stevie Nicks anytime! It will make lovin' fun, for sure!

Stay tuned for Ms. Molly Harrington's sharing of her own Stevie-inspired thrifted pieces tomorrow—just in time for the Fleetwood Mac night!

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