Friday, March 4, 2011

Myself Again: Suede Minis and Paleolithic Prints

Through the haze of weird indie off labels that I collected last week, I did emerge with two pieces that were both definitively "me", and both particularly exciting. I find that now, as the final 364 days of my twenties are on official countdown, the importance of celebrating these hallmarks of myself becomes more and more important. Likewise, it becomes more and more important that I do not form a habit of psychoanalyzing my thrift store selections.

On that note of maturity, I bring you two pieces that I am more than happy to wind up my twenties with. Firstly, is this completely bonkers long sleeve yellow cotton dress with black cave painting print:

This is what those in the biz would call a very solid "transitional" piece, for transitioning in to Spring. You get your dose of color, but get to keep long sleeves until it actually gets warm out. I generally thought that I could never wear yellow, but I think this looks pretty slammin on me, if I do say. The cut is extremely flattering, the skirt tapering in and hitting just below the knee.

Most importantly, there is no longer a gaping hole in the Paleolithic themed print department of my wardrobe, which is a major relief.

Then there is this, which is surely my #1 find of 2011 so far; a vintage PURPLE SUEDE MINISKIRT.

HOLY CRAP! Laying my hands on this little gem definitely sent me in to the thrifting freak out. I could not believe my eyes! Who seriously passes this shit up?!? Not only was it passed up, but it was passed over for weeks, because it was a blue tag, which was half off that day. For the uninitiated, the color of the half off tag is the oldest stuff in the store, that they are trying to get rid of. TRYING TO GET RID OF PURPLE SUEDE MINI?! What is wrong with the world?

Luckily I benefit from the stupidity of others, and am gifted with spending Five Whole Dollars on this sexy little number.

As if this thing weren't already made in heaven, it is so smartly designed to remedy the #1 problem of leather skirts: no give. There is nothing more frustrating than wearing your hot little leather skirt out, binge eating or drinking, and finding that the skirt that fit you an hour before is now a torture device of abdominal suffocation. Whoever designed this skirt must have experienced that unforgettable sensation first hand, because the back waist of this skirt is elastic. Genius.

And did you notice!? Still no black!

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