Friday, March 25, 2011

Club Boy Crazy and Flourescent Velour! 80's Childhood Revisited

It occurred to me just now while filing through the photos of my recent finds, that I were I 9 years old, and it 1989, I would have the 3 most perfect tops imaginable to party down in. My entire child and teenager-hood, I was required to wear a uniform to school. Any "fun" clothes were relegated to weekends only, and social events were extremely rare and important platforms for showing off your style. These are three tops that have my inner child totally freaking for an opportunity to wear.

Oh my god oh my god oh my god. I am creating a special category for this sweater that is called world's most perfect M.A.S.H. playing outfit.

I am wearing this sweater and I am totally going to marry Jonathan Brandis (RIP)*, have five kids, live in a mansion in Florida, and drive a yellow Mustang convertible.

I can already feel Holly punching me in the face when I announce that I didn't actually purchase this sweater. The photos are from the store. As priceless as it is, my apartment is too small and this sweater too crunchy and acrylic to pay $7 for. But through the magic of the internet, we can still all enjoy it. And it is still out in the world! On the loose! You could find it someday!

This next inner child top is the result of one of those thrifting moments when you transcend yourself. When you pull something that is going to take you in to brand new unexplored territory. I am along for the ride. The ride in to Fluorescent Velour Land.

In this top I am totally wearing stirrup pants, at the roller rink, and nursing a super rope for as long as humanly possible.

I love how the pockets and sleeves are ribbed. And I can already see the WTF? looks I will get when I first wear it.

Those are precisely the faces I got today when I wore this sweater for the first time. I mean, what is not to get?!

An asymmetrical V-neck, an asymmetrical hem, and fluorescent jumbo confetti design. In this sweater, I'm pretty sure it's my own birthday party, at Showbiz Pizza, and I am mentally unwrapping Barbie-box shaped Birthday presents while those creepy animatronic puppets sing me Happy Birthday.

*decidedly, Jonathan Brandis was an early 90's heartthrob, but he was my first real-deal heartthrob so I had to use him in my M.A.S.H. scenario. Please forgive the anachronism.


  1. still cracking up at your commentary.


    love, me