Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cute Springy Finds that Will Go Along with My Other Springy Finds

I had major plans to provide you, the readers of Operation Sparkle, with some amazing infographics about thrifting today, but as I had a migraine this morning and ended up sleeping until 2 in the afternoon (!), I can only offer you some more spring looks. Have no fear, though, because they are rad! For my last installment on "how Holly can max out her credit card," I present you with the cute items that fit my spring fashion look! And be sure to stay tuned for some amazing graphic action later this week!

Seafoam Green & White Striped Summer Dress
Seafoam Green & White Striped Summer Dress (detail)

While I tend to gravitate away from newer, mall brands at thrift shops, I couldn't help myself with this adorable seafoam green and white striped dress from H&M. Perfect for the summer, do-able in the spring with the proper layering.

Vintage Lace Collar

This vintage lace collar can be added onto any top for unlimited preciousness.

Navy J Crew Cardigan

I have been in the market for a navy cardigan, and while this doesn't look like much, it is J Crew and only cost $2.95. The buttons are cute and I am already planning on shrinking it, just so it can have that little shrunken cardigan look going on.

Cute Vintage Striped Sweater

I love the print and colors of this vintage sweater. Not only is it cute, but it is also really light—a perfect layering piece for spring!

Buttondown Silk Capped Sleeve Top

Thanks to Laurie's current employer, I have this excellent silk, button down, capped sleeved top to add to my spring top collection! Go Jones New York!

Rust Jean Shorts

I love these rust colored denim shorts so much that I had to buy them even though I will have to loss about 10 pounds to actually fit into them comfortably. Here's to hoping.

I found some great skirts on this thrifting trip, and here are my favorites:

Cute Gray Skirt

This grey skirt is a great t-shirt/sweatshirt material and flows so preciously that I feel like a little upside down flower when I have it on. Simple but guaranteed to get a lot of wear!

Highwaisted Vintage Plaid Skirt
Highwaisted Vintage Plaid Skirt (detail)

I love, love, love the color of this highwaisted vintage plaid skirt. I already have one, but it is a bit more poofy and pleated...this one is a much better streamlined fit for the classy look I am going for. I tested it out at work yesterday with my cropped tie denim top and it was a winner!

Vintage Slip

A perfect sexy little slip!

Suede Two Toned Oxfords

These two toned suede oxfords are just precious.

White Sandals

Sandal weather may be a ways off, but these white leather slip-ons are going to be a great way to finish off my spring looks!

And THAT, my friends, is how you spend $200* thrifting!

*For full disclosure, there were a number of items I haven't featured as part of this PTTS special just because they were rather dudish or just didn't fit with the others and weren't awesome enough to get their own post. I also included the $20 lunch tab in the final tally.

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  1. I LOVE the lace collar - its absolutely beautiful! What great finds - the shoes are fab!