Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wild Cards!

While Laurie was thrifting items that she felt went against the grain of her inner being, my favorite thing (if there is such a thing!) about thrifting is continuously finding the most magical, weird, unbelievable items that you never even imagined existing (or at least, never thought you would find thrifting). In a strange way, even though these sorts of items rarely have any clear rhyme or reason to them, they are the sorts of items that define who I am as a thrifter.

So...for my second installment on "what Holly can spend $200 thrifting on," I present you with my "wild cards." Each of these pieces caused a major thrifting freak out, the kind where I at once could not believe that the item I had just stumbled upon actually exists, while also grappling with the fact that the piece is now, indeed, mine. ALL MINE!

Black Leather Shorts

This first item is actually the one of the few I got at Value Village, which, as it turns out, is much more suitable for classy items. There is nothing classy about leather shorts, however! Bada bing! It is also one of my most "normal"/expected thrifted wild cards. While Jake initially stumbled upon these sexy little numbers, they didn't quite fit him and he was generous enough to pass them along to me.

Leopard Print Booties (side view)

Equally as classy were these booties, also scored from Value Village. Maybe it was because I was shopping with Jake, who is obsessed with the Nanny and anything leopard print, but I had to buy these ridiculous leopard print booties. Even though they don't fit. I will find a use for them, I promise.

While Value Village exuded class/drunk suburban mom-style, Unique ended up being ripe with wild cards. First a couple of the more tame accessory pieces:

Blue Purse with Snake Skin Detail

A bright blue snake skin purse. Love the tassel. Things should have more tassels. More tassels=more happy=the world is the better place.

Magenta Turban

A magenta turban. I have been coveting a turban for quite some time, and hello, this one is magenta. Get off the bus! Only bummer is that there is some sort of gooey substance on the top that I need to remove some how. If I was Laurie, I would have already done extensive internet research on the matter and probably found some sort of goo removal liquid in a basement of a weird China Town factory, but as I am me, the hat is just sitting in a pile of "stuff to be dealt with some other time."

Silver Crushed Velvet Dress

This silver crushed velvet mini dress is all the more hilarious because I was thisclose to purchasing a silver crushed velvet turtle neck at Value Village but decided to pass on it at the last minute. When I came across this little number, it was clear that the universe was trying to tell me something. Plus, as it turns out, velvet dresses are pretty much the only kind of long sleeved dress that I like. And as Laurie has explored here, silver crushed velvet will turn heads even in New York, which really says something about the power of the silver crushed velvet.

Tie Dye Jumpsuit

Tie Dye Jumpsuit (detail)

Witness this tie dyed JUMPSUIT, which made me nearly crapped myself upon finding, as I have been in the market for the perfect Burning Man outfit, just in case I ever get to go. I mean really, it is a tie dyed jumpsuit. With pockets. To hold my glo sticks and other "things." What more can I say?

90's Floral Top (front)
90's Floral Top (detail)

Jake was the one who grabbed this top and swung it in my face. I loved it right away, of course. Cropped, awesome 90's floral pattern, polka dots, weird little ruffles on the bottom. He could tell I was intrigued, and then pulled out the big guns—by turning it around.

90's Floral Top (back)


Crazy Geo and Fringe Leather Sweater
Crazy Geo and Fringe Leather Sweater (detail)

This sweater with leather fringe and geo shapes was so good that I actually started squealing and jumping up and down when I found it. I mean, please, just stop. Why can't people design clothes like this any more!?!? The only downside is that next time I go to the all-u-can-eat Mexican buffet, I need to make sure that my leather fringe doesn't swing into the guacamole by accident.


  1. i'm still laughing at the "glow sticks and other things" remark. too cute! great scores.

  2. AHHHH These are some seriously awesome finds. You need to put together a slammin outfit - find a replicate and submit yourself into the Goodwill Huntingg Challenge for some extra press -- LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    Stacey Kay
    “Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
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    My Vintage Handbag Line

  3. Thanks ladies! Glad to hear you like them! And Stacey, I will be sure to check it out!