Thursday, March 24, 2011

Reader Finds! Sage Dawson's Beauts!

We are so very excited to present our new guest post feature, Reader Finds! Sage Dawson of Springfield, Missouri, was kind enough to share some of her recent thrifted finds with us. Sage has been a thrifter for about twelve years, and it shows in her treasures, which are making me drool (in the classiest way possible).They are so great that I am seriously contemplating a special trip down to Missouri to see what I am missing! Check out her sweet art on her blog Mint Map. Now on to the thrifted gems!


Southwestern Pink/Purple Sweater with Patches
Normally I wouldn't go for a sweater quite this southwestern, but when I saw the patches and the thunderbird I couldn't help myself. It's such a strange sweater and fondly reminds of New Mexico where I used to live. I found this for $2 at a local thrift shop.


Parrot Collar
This is such a unique piece. I found this for $1 at a flea market in Joplin, Missouri recently.


I had a pair of moccasins that I bought a while back from the mall, but a couple years ago I got rid of them because they were falling apart; my husband kept having to re-glue to soles. This was particularly annoying because they were expensive. I resigned myself to no longer being a part of moccasin fashion, until I recently found these just a couple weeks ago. I took a day trip to Crane, Missouri (just 45 minutes from home) and I hit the jackpot. These were just $1 and fit perfectly.


Danish-ish Sweater, Green
I also found this sweater in Crane, Missouri. It's a youth size, but fortunately I'm an extra small and could squeeze into it. This sweater is embroidered with figures of children and has a collar to die for. I bought this at a thrift shop that was run by two elderly women who encouraged me to rummage through the piles of clothing just in, as they were putting them out. It was practically a dream come true. My heart was beating fast and I had a full-on thrifting high while there.


60s Floral Cocktail Dress
$5 for this beauty. It's super fitted too, so quite charming to wear.


Pink Shirt
Made for Andrade. This is a prime example of a piece I wouldn't normally thrift. It's pretty bright for my taste and I was unsure about the choice to mix the paisley pattern with what appears to be some sort of pattern meant to look like batik. I went for it, mainly because Holly and Laurie have inspired me to branch out. This shirt is fitted and stops right at the waist, so it's perfect belted with a black dress underneath. $2 at a local thrift shop.


I found this belt for $1 while thrifting recently.

Thanks to Sage for sharing these with Operation Sparkle! It is great to see that others love thrifting as much as we do! If you would like to share your treasures for a Reader Finds post, just drop us an email with text and photos at !

Happy thrifting!


  1. Madam, May I have your pink shirt?

  2. sage, i'm dying over the pink shirt too. a little textile history; both of those patterns are actually traditional French Provincial designs, that date back to the 18th century. even the crazy grid one. thank you so much for sharing! i want to book a flight to missouri right this minute!

  3. what glorious deals! i love them all.

  4. Seeing these comments just now. Thanks for the history Laurie! Now I know why they're together. Mystery solved, you mystery solver YOU!