Saturday, March 12, 2011

W.W.S.W.? Part II: Molly Harrington Channels Stevie!

In celebration of tonight's Fleetwood Magic: A Tribute to the Mac, we are doing something super unprecedented on Operation Sparkle—having our second guest blog post a mere three days after the first one! Considering how many of Molly's finds were Stevie-appropriate, it just made sense. Sometimes you need to listen to that intuition and post when it feels right! Plus, nothing gets me more in the mood to do some much rewarded thrifting (TODAY! WITH MARY W.! IN LINDSTROM!) and get ready for the best night of 2011 than to ask W.W.S.W?!

You CAN Find Things At the Goodwill

Sure, maybe I talked Holly’s ear off about the Stillwater Goodwill for weeks, so by the time we got there it turned out to be a strange and pricey waste of gas. I blame Quiznos for not having coffee. Months ago, I went in there searching frantically for my mother’s vintage handmade dress from the 70’s that I had envisioned wearing to a wedding. Mom, of course, cleaned the
closet again after the shorts incident and got rid of “lots of stuff no one was going to wear.” I tore apart the whole house and went on to the Goodwill to keep searching for that dress. I never did find it, but that same day I came home with a few great costume-y, stevie nicksish goldmines. The thrifting gods definitely wanted to see me home happy, though Mom’s handmade
long, gauzy cotton yellow dress with the embroidered flowers is gone forever.

photo 3

Long sleeved sheer blue dress with red flowers on it (If you want to see it in person, come see Fleetwood Magic: A tribute to the Mac at the Turf Club tonight!)

photo 4

I also found this 70’s dress with a sort of rainbow tribute and a sash. I love it.

photo 5

Velour gypsy style cropped jacket with puffed shoulders and red trim

photo 6

Let’s not forget Joni California and her turquoise dolman sleeve silk top with buttons down the wrists.

Other Mystical Clothing for a Fleetwood Mac devotee

photo 7
photo 8

Found at NE Mpls most unknown and random thrift store (Eastside Thrift Store on Central and 20th ave ne) is this little black velvet dress with witchy medieval buttons down the front. Oh so flattering and magical to wear.

photo 9

Found during Black Friday Thrifting with my mentors, this little number found me when we were at our fourth or fifth store and I was about to give up. Gauzy, fringy, Stevie style top!

photo 10

And every mystic child of the Mac needs a turban! Found this with Holly at the world’s most Christian thrift store. They were laying it on thick, so we didn’t stay long. Holly got a good deal on a Mexican blanket, I came home with a turban made from old silk neck ties.

Stevie Footwear


I have always been extremely jealous of Holly's white lace up Stevie boots. One of those reasons I always felt I'd never have the thrifting luck that she has been blessed with. We were toting around Ironwood, MI during a blizzard when we were supposed to be driving home, (ended up taking 12 hours, including lunch at Black Cat Cafe in Ashland and dinner at Fitger's in Duluth). We stopped in a little antique-ish store and in the back room there was a wall of boxes filled with old shoes. Holly pulled these out, and they were a 6.5 size, so she didn't bother telling me about them because they were too small. I stumbled on them later, and they slid on like an old pair of ballet shoes - a little tight but ready to rock! Not technically thrifted, but totally awesome.


Somewhere between Emmylou Harris and Stevie Nicks, these clog style high heels are an inspiration. Not easy to walk in when every puddle turns into an ice rink at night, but I am still able to feel like a cowgirl slash rocker with the stitched emblem on the toe...Found during the Black Friday outing (I was so delirious at the end of the day, I can't even remember where I found them!)


Sure the brand is Lower East Side, and sure they were on a random shelf at Unique in NE Mpls. But when I put them on I feel like Farrah Fawcett is smiling down upon me from above while riding a unicorn and singing "Just like the one winged dove".


Found off the interstate in South Dakota. Still not sure what kind of store it was, but it was somewhere between an open air bazaar, thrift store, and movie set for the old west turned into an antique shop. Either way, I found these in a dusty corner with no laces and it was fate. I'm pretty sure I heard "Gypsy" by the Mac in my head as I brought them to the counter and dizzly realized they were mine forever.

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