Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Time Footwear

So...you maybe asking yourself, "what exactly is the best sort of footwear to sport with my long, hippie, witchy skirts?"

Lucky for you, I have got the answer(s)!

I am sure you are thinking that I am going to say "tall boots." You are wrong, however, mostly because I don't have any pictures of my tall boots uploaded yet. Still, tall boots certainly are one avenue to go. But here are some others:

Nine West Teal Loafers

For days that are not super cold (so that you have the option of going sockless), you can sport some little numbers like these teal Nine West moccasin loafers I snagged at the Halloween Bootique for the insane price of $1.99. You can, of course, wear tights with flats like these, but I prefer to go bare.

Minnetonka Wallaby-style Booties

These Minnetonka Wallaby-style booties are another way to keep the hippie/natural/"I just want to play in the woods" vibe going with your long skirts.

Classic Brown Leather Shoes

These are quite possibly my most favorite shoes I have found thrifting—vintage lace-up pointy leather not quite booties, not quite oxfords. Regardless, they are classic all around, and would look great with tights or thin trouser socks.

White Lace-up Booties

I found these white lace-up leather booties with little wooden heels in Green Bay a couple weeks ago, and couldn't believe my good fortune, especially because I kept finding leather booties that were always a size and a half too small for me. I squealed when I found these. For real.

Brown Leather Buckle Booties

These buckle bootie flats I found at a Value Village last summer with Laurie are another way to keep the bootie trend going with my long skirts. Like the other shoes, these would look best paired with some tights or thin socks.

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