Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In the Defense of Thrifting...

Today I was reminded of the awesomeness of thrifting beyond the thrill of feeding my addiction to hoarding crazy clothing—namely that it is an excellent way to, as Laurie says, "beat the system."

I thought I'd throw this experience out there, even though it has nothing to do with stylish clothing, mostly because it made the fact that I overdrew my checking account on Monday due to an unexpected, uncontrollable thrifting session (Carrie Bradshaw's voice squealing "But I have an addiction, SIR!" kept running through my head) totally a thing of the past.

Today I traveled to a thrift store (the Salvation Army on Nicollet and 37th) that I had never been to before (proof that one should always be up to trying new things). My goal was simple—to get furniture, namely a work table, for my basement studio. I walked away not only with a sturdy work table, but also two wooden dining room chairs and a yarn basket for a mere $7.40! UNBELIEVABLE! The table was only $2.50, which blew my mind (thanks to a markdown from $20 to $5, plus "half off" green tags), with the chairs setting me back $1.99 and 99¢, respectively, with the yarn basket (also half off) ending up at $1.50. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I can't!

There is no reason to buy things new, there really isn't (unless we are talking underpants, then I am in full support of purchasing unused items).

Here is a shot of one of the dining room chairs—check out the awesome embroidered seat. This thing is ancient and gorgeous.

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