Sunday, October 17, 2010

It was a Good Day for Turtlenecks

Last weekend I had a wedding to go to in Philadelphia. I had never been to Philadelphia before, and aside from free booze, "thrifting opportunity" was the primary thing on my mind. I knew I would not have much time in the 24 hours that I was in town, with no car, to maximize on a new city's worth of thrifting. To get by, I found a Salvation Army between the bus station and the hotel and resolved that it would have to do to satisfy my thrifting urges for the weekend.

It was mediocre overall, and overpriced, but I did come away with two pieces I am pretty excited about, and they are both turtlenecks! Or "T-necks", as we call them in the business.

This first one is pretty amazing. A camel colored vintage Pringle of Scotland cashmere sweater, I am thinking from the early 60's, for $4.50. Bear in mind that a Pringle sweater these days runs in the $800+infinity range.

The tag says "Pringle for Bonwit Teller New York". A little wikipedia research tells me that Bonwit Teller was one of the big deal 5th Avenue department stores in New York, from 1895-1990. This sweater must have been specially made for them.

And here we have a Perry Ellis blue and black space dyed over-sized turtleneck. I love me some space dye. I'm not sure if it's men's or women's, but it is perfect with a mini skirt regardless.

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