Monday, October 25, 2010

Top Autum Top

One of the best things about thrifting is that, since you are getting such great deals, you are more free to experiment. I've found throughout the years that my thrifting purchases often fall within one of two categories: trends and classics.

Now, I am using these terms a bit more liberally than your average fashion publication editor. When I say "trends," I don't necessarily mean it the same way as when Glamour boosts for the 52nd time that "military-inspired" style is in (again) this season. I mean "trends" as in items that may be linked to larger mainstream trends (such as Laurie and my hoarding of 90's florals, as seen here), but that ultimately fill my need for a certain sort of item (like preppy footwear, as seen here and here).

"Classics," on the other hand, have absolutely nothing with J. Crew branding and have everything to do with staying power. To me, "classic" items are those which outlive their trend expectancy (though sometimes this happens as a happy surprise), that year after year are a pleasure to unearth during my seasonal purging.

Ribbed Burnt Orange Top with Button Details

One such piece that has been with me for years is this super vintage top. It is one of those pieces that surprised me—so many of the details indicate disaster, but together, they somehow work, sort of like a charming dysfunctional family. I absolutely love the cut (something about the flow on top and weird blazer fit on bottom is so much more flattering than recent renditions of this shape), the ribbed, nasty burnt orange fabric, and of course, the gold button details.

What is even better is that this top can be worn year 'round, but its color makes it ideal for fall.

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