Friday, October 29, 2010

Urban Outfitters is TOO Hilarious

Even though I used to spend hours and hours perusing the sales racks (and the cute sales boy, Jared, who is now apparently a born again Christian) at Urban Outfitters in college, now I get a migraine every time I step into one. The thing that pisses me off most about UO is how blatantly it co-ops thrifted style and jacks up the price about five million times (all while making the goods in sweatshops). Every time I go into one, I am constantly gravitating between finding myself thinking "I could so get this thrifting," and wanting to poop all over the self-referential/self-loathing hipster merchandise.

So imagine my surprise/delight when I opened up the most recent UO email (I get it for work. Research. You know.) for "Holiday 2010" and found several pieces that I have already thrifted. Some of these might be a bit of a stretch, but I found them close enough to see a resemblance.

First....the long sleeved, crushed velvet, black mini dress:

The UO version will set you back $49, mine (below) was about $2. It is worth noting that this week, I almost picked up a velvet leotard for $2, the top of which looks very similar to UO's "Cope Velvet Tank Top," also priced at $49, but decided against it as I am sick of completely disrobing every time I need to pee.

Velvet Mini Dress

Then we have the short black and white geometric sweater:

Short Grey and Black Sweater

I suppose technically, mine is gray and black, but it still looks a lot sweeter AND was about $57 less than the UO version.

And then there are the little leather riding boots:

I see the UO ones as a mix between these two pairs but for a fraction (about 5%) of the price:

White Lace-up Booties

Brown Leather Buckle Booties

Apparently, according to UO, long sweaters are also in style this season, as seen with these:

Kind of reminds me off this sweater, except that mine was $4 (as opposed to $69 and the absolutely insane price of $98) and looks about one million times cooler:

Crazy Print Large Sweater

And then, finally, we have the faux fur coat.

Faux Fur Coat

Not only do I not look like some washed up prom queen in it, but mine was $4, instead of $168 (do they know that you can thrift real fur for less than $50??).


  1. In response to the omnipresent teenagers in portland who shop exclusively at UO to pull off that "edgy look": Maybe if these "twipsters" (combo of teen, twit and hipster) stopped dropping hundreds of dollars at UO, they could afford a friggin bike helmet! Seriously, they make matte finished grey, black, and brown helmets so you aren't forced to ruin your "original" image by donning a shiny sporty black and silver walmart bike helmet.

    Tell me: what is hip about being unsafe?

  2. Absolutely nothing!

    I have the hippest bike helmet around!

  3. YEssssssssssssssss! I love these UO posts. I added you to my blogroll.

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