Thursday, October 7, 2010

Top 3 Out of Season Finds

Sometimes, the most successful thrifting happens out of season. You find an awesome sundress in the middle of a Wisconsin January, or a fantastic winter coat during a sweltering NYC July, when it sickens you to even touch wool. This tends to happen because most people thrift in season, leaving the out of season categories much less picked over, much more treasure heavy, and often priced to move.

The drawback of this being you have to wait IN AGONY for the appropriate season to wear them in. Such is the theme of this post.

Here are my Top 3 fall/winter garments that I found over the course of the summer months that I have had wait OH SO PATIENTLY to finally be able to wear, ranked ascending order, by level of excitement.

This only comes in third because it is the most recently found. In NYC in August, for $3. How amazing is this color, and how more amazing is the print??? I am going to wear it with a black leather mini skirt.

This un-freaking-believable color block dolman sleeve vintage wool coat that cost me $5 in Milwaukee in May. Dry cleaning it cost four times as much. I still have a few months to go on this one.

A winter coat is one of the holy grails of thrifting, to be sure. But because I hate the cold and never want it to come, this comes in second.

Simply put, the world's greatest sweater coat. With LEATHER APPLIQUE AND SILVER STUDDED SHAWL COLLAR. Enough said.
Found in Buffalo in April, where it was, in fact, still winter. A six hour drive back to NYC later, it was most definitely spring, and too hot for this doosy of a cardigan.

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