Friday, October 1, 2010

Magical Forest Time

I discovered many things camping in the woods last weekend. The first was that fall camping allows for more variety in fashion. The second was that I had almost as much fun dressing myself for the extreme temps (high 60's during the day, high 30's at night) as I did camping (almost)!

Maybe it is the Wisconsin in me that makes this sort of flannel/northwoods/sewn-on applique of loons style so stellar, but regardless, it makes me pumped about the great outdoors.

What you see here is one layering option for the chilly early evening hours. First we have a fur and leather hat (note: I don't condone buying new fur, but I have an ambivalent relationship with used fur) that I found in a shop in Vancouver. Not exactly thrifted (sorry! I know! it is cheating!), but since it involved the exchange of foreign currency, I am going to say it is alright. And the little gold scarf clip they had added on it (and I unknowingly stole as the guy didn't charge me for it) adds a bit of (stolen) class. Plus, it really is the best way to top this outfit. You can't deny it.

On our outer layer we have a Levi's denim vest that my friend Carly convinced me to buy one trip to Unique. I have since been eternally grateful for her coaxing to do so.

Second layer is a thick, vintage Woolrich flannel shirt. I found this puppy after many trips looking for the perfect hearty flannel to go under fall jackets and vests, like my denim one.

Then we have the piece that almost made small child fall off his ATV—sleeveless sweatshirt with a loon hand-sewn on the front. Loons are cool. They remind me of my childhood and they have cool spots.

Finally (and you may notice I am missing pants. Any pants will do with this outfit—jeans, sweatpants, even leggings (panty lines do not matter in the woods), so get wild with it), I have quite possibly the best moccasins ever. I found these at the Halloween boutique for $1.99 and I nearly crapped myself because I have been looking forever for a pair and these are so soft they feel like butter. And they have hard, outdoor soles—perfect for scampering in the forest.

Tip: If you are looking for a specific piece, as I was with the moccasins, hold out for finding the perfect one. With the moccasin case, I almost bought several pairs of shoes that did not quite fit, that did not look the best, and in general, just didn't jive with me. When I found the perfect pair, I knew it in an instant. And you will too!

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