Friday, October 22, 2010

More on Beating the System

The most ridonkulous thing I have seen lately is this link from my great friend Molly. If you don't feel like clicking on it, have no fear, I will explain it. It is a "vintage" item from an online shop called cutely "NASTY GAL." The item just happens to be the very same Wilson's leather dress that I blogged about a few posts ago:

Leather Cutout Dress


Now while I admittedly spent more on this dress than I normally would thrifting ($12.99), the price was nowhere close to what NASTY GAL is asking: a whopping $198 (S&H is free on orders over $150). That's almost as much as my meds cost!

While I am all for the apparent increase in the love for "vintage" or "used" clothing in our society, things like this also highlight how ridiculously unstable the economics of it is. I suppose you could get all into things like supply and demand and all that shit, but truthfully, I slept through most of my economics classes. What I CAN tell you, however, is that $12.99 is not $198. I can also tell you that this is PROOF that thrifting is a million times better (more exciting and easier on your checking account (unless you are me)) than shopping for "vintage" clothing online.

Don't be duped! I pity the fool who buys this dress!

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