Friday, October 22, 2010

For Simpler Times

My love of thrifting means I have a lot of weird items in my closet like this gorgeous silk screen sheer top Laurie found at Unique during one of our 2009 summertime thrifting trips. Since she doesn't "do" red, she was gracious enough to let me have this cat-astic number.

Silk Screen Sheer Cat Top

Sexy, right? At any rate, I have loads and loads of weird pieces like the one above and yet, there has only been one, in my whole history of used clothing shopping, that makes my wonderful boyfriend grimace and laugh nervously when he spots me wearing it.

My "drug rug."

Baja Pancho

Referred to as "Baja Ponchos" by the expensive designers who attempted to make these things "hip" for people other than high school stoners, I have been on the lookout for one (perhaps in a nostalgic turn for my younger, more innocent days) for ages. Usually they are too thick and "ruggish" and very boxy. This one, however, is absolutely perfect, from the colors (unbelievable!) to the shape (flowy and long enough to cover my butt, which is a must for legging wear), to the price (approximately $3). Connotations aside, this tops off my ideal fall time bonfire outfit.

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