Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Wondorous World of Long Skirts

Though I never, ever wish to put my bike in the garage for the winter, it does slightly excite me to have an excuse for experimenting with a new level of layering—specifically that of the long skirt. While I am not a fan of long skirts getting stuck in my bicycle wheels, I do love how magical I feel with a nice long skirt swishing around my ankles. There is something about the inherent modesty in a long skirt that feels saucy, like the time when I got dressed up for my fake Rumspringa and went to see a musical concert.

Here are some of my favorites that I have thrifted over the past years:

Ankle Length Forest Green Suede Skirt

I was super pumped when I found this ankle length, forest green suede skirt (with pockets!) because I had been deeply regretting passing up a similar Calvin Klein number (in tan) weeks before. The whole situation resolved in my favor, however, as the Calvin Klein skirt was priced at a very steep $15 at Value Village, while this Talbots (to which my mother said, "that is a very good brand!") one set me back a mere $2.99.

Long Denim Skirt

Take your pick of long denim skirts out there—they are almost as numerous as art teacher denim overall dresses (almost). I chose this one due to its light color and simplicity.

Navy Floral Button Down Long Skirt

Floral Button Down Long Skirt

I bought several long floral skirts to cut in hopes of mimicking last spring's 90's floral mini trend. While I did successfully shorten one (photo to come), I left these two button down numbers in their original state, anticipating a need for longer versions. I may still knock off a few inches on one (or both) but for now, they are staying looooooong.

Tiny African Animal Print Long Skirt

This African animal print skirt with pockets is from the same manufacturer as these crazy pants. I am not surprised in the least.

Woven Pattern Skirt

I may shorten this little number and use the bottom as a wrap-around scarf. Not incredibly thrilled with it as is, but this is an excellent example of trying to see potential in pieces—I love, love, love this fabric, and it was only about 79¢.

Chevron Pattern Long Skirt

This vintage chevron woven skirt came into my life yesterday and I can't wait to wear it out with black tights and shoes. Sure to be a conversation piece.

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