Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beltane to Memorial Day Countdown: As DIY As I get/The Winona Ryder Vest Top

This may come as shock considering the fact that I run a zine about creative women (C.L.A.P.) and am an artist, but I am actually not that crafty. Years of attempting to start craft projects and "getting into" sewing resulted in piles of unfinished stuffed nylon dolls and and more containers with crafting materials than I can find room for. I suppose I could blame my lack of commitment to the crafting lifestyle on my mother's lack of support/expertise ("I can't sew and I failed home ec," she used to lament), but really it has much more to do with my contradictory tendencies towards perfection and lack of patience.

That said, while I absolutely love the idea of this fantasy in which I take so-so thrifted garments that have so much potential and turn them into beautiful works of art, I am a bit more grounded in reality. A reality in which the closest I will come to altering a garment will be through the use of a pair of scissors. Sometimes, however, this is all a garment needs.

Case in point: my deep teal button-down Winona Ryder circa Reality Bites tank vest.

Winona Ryder Vest Top
Winona Ryder Vest Top (back detail)

Another much loved piece, I found this thrifting years ago. Except, at the time it was a knee-length body slimming dress—a dress that would be totally awesome if it could actually button over my hips and butt. I couldn't pass up a piece that so screamed Reality Bites (and admittedly, the only positive attribute of that whole shitty film is the fashion and possibly Janeane Garofalo's* character), and this was even before the whole 90's fashion revival. I adored the color, the cut, the buttons and the strange tiered sculpturing on the neck, so despite the impossible fit, I bought it. The solution? Cut the bottom off and wah-la! A perfect button-up vest tank!

Sure it is an uneven and fraying hem, along with ripped arm holes from my attempt at creating a more relaxed fit, but like Laurie's adorable top from yesterday, I have had years of memories wearing this piece—and that is what makes it a true treasure!

*Word to the wise: if you google Janeane Garofalo's name misspelled you get a whole slew of insulting/depressing results. People apparently really hate her and liberals. And they love Dane Cook.


  1. Haha I totally snip stuff off all the time when it doesn't fit over my hips and butt -

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  2. Its as low maintenance altering as you can get!

  3. "I have had years of memories wearing this piece—and that is what makes it a true treasure!" That's right, although you could use a little more time to furnish it to finish.

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