Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beltane to Memorial Day Countdown: Some Rules are Made to Be Broken

While it certainly helps to abide by certain self-imposed rules during your thrifting escapades, sometimes a thrifter needs to know when to break those rules. Case in point? This totally awesome black lace leotard I thrifted a while back from the Salvation Army on a particularly fruitful day of Salvation Army shopping. Though Laurie and I have long operated under the confines of "no crotches," I find myself occasionally breaking this rule for a rad swimsuit or leotard or even a shiny blue spandex full body suit.

Black Lace Bodysuit
Black Lace Bodysuit Close Up

This piece arrived in my life at the height of American Apparel's pushing of all things lace, particulary in the bodysuit/leotard territory. As the store's trends tend to, like Urban Outfitters, mimic thrifted style, I wasn't surprised to find this number for a mere dollar or two. Not only did it cost a fraction of what AA would charge for it, but it has everything you could ask for in a lace body suit—snapped bottom (for easy bathroom usage, a must for full body pieces), french cut to keep things interesting (even with the highest waisted of pants, it is apparent this "tank" is more than just a tank), and of course, black lace, the sexiest of all laces.

While I suppose this is technically not a "tank top" per say, I think we can bend (possibly even break?) the rules of this countdown as well. Because, truthfully, the only way I can really see myself wearing this in public is under a pair of bottoms which then transforms a full leotard into, ta-da!, a tank top!

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