Sunday, May 1, 2011


In the spirit of Spring and the free association of totally unrelated holidays, Operation Sparkle is going to take you, our readers, on a fun filled tank top countdown starting on Beltane (today!) all the way to Memorial Day! Woo hoo!

For those of you not familiar with the most holy of pagan holidays, Beltane is a Springtime fertility holiday, in which bonfires are lit, fresh milk is pored in to newly plowed fields, and all are encouraged to get their groove on as much as humanly possible, all in the hopes of fruitful reproduction of all varieties. Memorial day, on the other hand, is a somber day of remembrance for the sacrifice of servicemen for our country's freedom, as well as the unofficial beginning of summer. It is also at this point that, anachronistically, particular fashion moratoriums are lifted, such as the wearing of white.

That being said, it makes perfect sense to celebrate/remember/fly in the face of all of these things with massive quantities of tank tops. For the next 30 days, Holly and I will each unleash our top 15 favorite tank tops that we can't wait to sport this summer, starting now, with my #15 TOP TANK TOP, this terra cotta colored animal print cropped tank!!!!

Look at that beauty! It really deserves to be higher up on my list, but I wanted to start things out with a bang. Also, it has already been featured on a previous Op Sparkle countdown, our epic 25 Days of Black Friday Thrifting. But there are so many great things about it. Obviously, a good animal print is hard to come by, and this one is damn near perfect.

The terra cotta color is amazing, and it is cropped and bell-shaped. Recently, when in a trance-like state, I was drawn in to an H&M, I saw a tank top very, very similar to this one, which triggered in my brain the inevitable paranoia that people are knocking off our finds. This is probably not so, and should just learn from this episode that it is always a bad idea to walk to in to an H&M. And more importantly, that I have successfully beat the system. Nonetheless, it is very much worth knocking off, and I love it.

So there you go! Keep comin back for more tank top action!!

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