Friday, May 20, 2011

Beltane to Memorial Day Countdown: More Flowy Florals

In my book, there is really nothing better than a simple flowy tank with a cute pattern. It goes with almost everything, can be layered for even wintertime wear and is light enough to throw on over your bikini for a day at the beach. In other words, a perfect go-to kind of top.

As I previously mentioned, I scored some great tanks last spring in one trip to ARC Value Village—the Lux floral and lace camisole, the Jonathan Martin button-down print tank, and now this, the flowy floral boxy tank.


This tan and navy floral print number is one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. The color palette can be paired with a lot of pieces, while the subtleness of the tones mean that you can either go for contrast (say pairing it with a bright ensemble) or cohesion (by wearing other neutral colors). The floral pattern is interesting without being obnoxious (there is certainly something to be said for 90's floral patterns that don't resemble something off of a Lisa Frank folder), and again, subtle enough to add complexity to an outfit without overtaking it. Plus, even though the colors and pattern are understated, there is the WTF element in that it features tan roses (say what?!).

Beyond the tone and print of this tank, I love it for its fit—loose and flowy, the boxy shape fits perfectly and is actually flattering. One of the biggest bonuses of this top? No arm pit pinching! This is such an issue with so many tanks, I am surprised that it hasn't come up sooner in our countdown. But then again, for me, if a top pinches the pits in the dressing room, it doesn't leave the store. It also doesn't hurt that one of the more ridiculous 90's brands, Rampage, is responsible for its existence.

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