Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BELTANE to MEMORIAL DAY countdown: Sentimental Value and Staying Power

For all of the clothes that I cycle through in the course of a few years--buying, selling, donating, or otherwise purging--it is really exciting when something survives in my wardrobe for years. It is both a badge of honor for the garment itself, and for me, for not thoughtlessly discarding it in an anxious panic over my exponentially growing wardrobe. It is even more exciting when it sits on the bench for years, because it's not really doing it for me at the moment, but I figure it will eventually, and then that time does really eventually come.

Such is the case with my #4 TOP TANK TOP, this 80's JC Penney color block shoulder button tank with pointed yoke:

For all the reasons above, this tank makes it near the top of my list. I thrifted this sometime in the Summer of 2003 when I was living in Milwaukee, and it was a favorite top for the summers of '03 and '04. I wore it constantly. Coincidentally, it got bumped from my lineup right around the time I moved to New York, resulting in my strong sentimental associations between this top and my last year or so living in Milwaukee. In my mind, it defines an era of my life, in the very best kind of way.

Now that (not really) colorblocking is all he rage again, it is going to get play again in the summer of 2011, a solid 7 years later. And what a gem it is! The white pointed woven yoke with red shoulder snaps is just precious, and actually does some flattering stuff for my meager bosoms. The red and white combo is a classic, and the knit bottom fits like a dream.

The thing really is just a big ole piece of candy. And to top it all off, the adorable retro JC Penney tag.


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