Thursday, May 5, 2011

BELTANE to MEMORIAL DAY countdown: Sweaters and Summer are Not Mutually Exclusive

When Holly first explored the topic of sweaters that should have long sleeves but don't, I really had to bite my tongue (fingers?) in order to not unleash bitter and angry commenting all over her post. As it turns out, short sleeved sweaters are one of my biggest fashion pet peeves. You are probably wondering why I have such rage directed towards such a seemingly harmless and playful twist of a design feature. I will explain.

Throughout my many long years of thrifting, I have probably thrifted upwards of 15 uniquely delightful, irresistible short sleeved sweaters, each of which I had nothing but the highest hopes for. Of those 15 or so short sleeved sweaters, I have probably worn any of them never. And eventually, I have gotten rid of every single one of them. For the simple reason that I have never experienced a time when I want to be warm, EXCEPT for my arms. And as a matter of fact, my arms are usually what are the coldest, if I am in fact cold, and need to be warmed by clothing.

Resultantly, I have suffered for every one of those short sleeved sweaters I have bought, holding on to it for years, pulling it out every now and then and trying to make it work, only to be exasperated by my inability to, and finally giving up and getting rid of it just so I don't have to be reminded of my failures every time I open a dresser drawer. And so, by this scientific process, I have concluded that short sleeved sweaters are utterly useless.

That being said, this next tank top, my #13 TOP TANK TOP, is a major gamble. Because it is even more oxymoronic than a short sleeved sweater, it is a SWEATER TANK:

I almost passed this one up on principle, but it enticed me with it's charms. The front and back double scoop is a great feature. The color is fantastic, a deep red brown. And it has the biz-casual factor, which is good for us working ladies. I am skeptical about it being suitable for any weather, especially 100 degree, 95% humidity NYC summers. Even still, it somehow seems less nonsensical to me than a short sleeved sweater...

I think I can make this tank happen.

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