Monday, May 2, 2011

Beltane to Memorial Day Countdown: Tan Silk Tank

For my 15th (well, technically my first) tank of the Beltane-Memorial Day countdown, I have choose what is perhaps my most understated top. Do not be fooled, however, by its simplistic appearance, as this tan, pure silk tank exudes elegance and class--two traits that don't often come to mind when thinking "thrifted tank top."

Silk Tank

I was initially drawn to this piece during my summer 2010 neutrals phase. The beauty of a plain silk tank such as this one is that it can be utilized for a simple look or as the base layer of something a bit more outrageous (as I am likely to wear it now). The length allows for the top to be worn long (excellent for over leggings or a tight skirt) or tucked in. I also love wearing this piece with brighter colors, such as the teal miniskirt I wore it with to see Neil Young with Chris last year. Something as simple as this tank also wins extra points for the small details--the buttoned key hole at the nape of the neck in the back, and the swooping cut up the sides. These are the sorts of details that make a plain silk tank go from ho-hum to something special. The most beautiful thing about this piece? Its ability to be dressed up or down--and that is what I call versatile.

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