Monday, May 9, 2011

BELTANE to MEMORIAL DAY countdown: From Zero to Fluorescent in Two Tanks

Lately, I have become increasingly aware that, for a long time now, the flexibility of my wardrobe has been extremely handicapped by the fact that it is nearly entirely black. Time and time again, I reach for some new multicolored top or bottom, and, out of my sea of clothes, can come up with nothing better to coordinate it with than a basic black something or other. The results are at best boring and often totally stupid. This is even a little embarrassing to admit, considering fashion is somewhat a thing of mine, or I like to think so. Regardless, the first step to solving any problem is admitting you have one, am I right?

Not only have I admitted to myself that I have a problem, solving my problem is the core of the primary tenant of my Spring/Summer 2011 thrifting excursions; to find color, color, and MORE COLOR. If I die trying.

I would like to illustrate the fruits of my hard self-improvement efforts with my #12 TOP TANK TOP(s), these two fluorescent cropped tanks!

Now I know this is a little bit cheating, to have two tanks in one post, but I felt that displaying just one would fail to exemplify the pitch of my newfound fervor for color. The fantastic qualities of these tanks do not end at their highlighter shades. The yellow one is, for one thing, the goddamn softest thing in the world, which counts for a lot. Clothes that are worn and aged to soft perfection are one of the holy grails of thrifting. Those are the things you never get rid of and have with you forever. Not only that, but I think it is actually a little boy’s cast-off, well-loved muscle tee, which lends a great shrunken effect to it.

And the pink is a winner because it is cropped with a wide bell-shape to it, which reminds me of my first tank on this countdown. I am really in to this shape, as it allows you to wear something small yet not tight at the same time.

There are just so many endless variations on this theme, I am so IN to it.

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