Friday, May 27, 2011

BELTANE to MEMORIAL DAY countdown: Get Your Rave On, I Know I Am

Yes, I am doing it, I am going there.

Remember that weird period in the 90's, circa 96', when this weird rave-ified version of the 60's came back? Instead of 60's on acid, as they were, it was 60's on extacy? Aside from freely associating drug-related subcultures, fashion-wise, it mostly had to do with tiny topically "psychedelic" halter tops to pair with oversized pants. Overall, not a proud moment for fashion, or drugs, or subculture, but that is not stopping me from going there.

I bring you my #3 TOP TANK TOP, and my #1 fashion risk for the summer, this 90's rave-style space-dyed high-neck halter top:

I cannot tell you what exactly made me decide that this was a good decision. In fact, I just described why it is a bad decision. But with Lady Gaga and whatnot, these days it is very hard to find a piece of fashion history that is not already being borrowed from, this being one of the few. And otherwise, I legitimately like it.

I find that the high halter look is actually flattering and rather sophisticated, compared to its booby counterpart, which has been more the style for the past decade. Another key factor at play in my attraction to this top has also got to be that, at the time this was actually in style,this was exactly the kind of thing I wanted to wear. Still reeling from 12 years of Catholic school dress code, however, this seemed very risque and beyond me. But I am back to reclaim it!

Then there is, of course, this lovely space-dyed stripe, and I am such a sucker for anything space-dyed. Like I really, really love it, even at it's cheesiest. I have a whole collection of 70's space dyed sweaters that I only wear around the house because they are kind of embarrassing but I love them. But that is a whole other blog post.

And then, for your enjoyment, is this webpage, a part of the Fantazia Rave Archive, about the different categories of ravers, and the fashion that defines them. The internet is a glorious thing.

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