Sunday, May 15, 2011

BELTANE to MEMORIAL DAY countdown: Saucy Hemlines

My next TOP TANK TOP earned one of the few coveted spots on the unofficial short list of Top Summer Pieces Thrifted During the Winter Months that I Can’t Wait to be Able to Wear. In the company of other tanks, however, it gets bumped up a little higher. This was determined by mathematically subtracting the value of a top position on my “Top Summer Pieces…” list from the square root of the value of the cumulative “TOP TANK TOP” list, resulting in this white crinkle tent-tunic/dress/tank rolling in at a respectable #9.

The reason that I am so jazzed about this tank is its versatility, which is suggested by how cross-categorical it is, as denoted by all the slashes utilized in describing it. It is versatile because you can call how you want to play it, and you can play it all kinds of ways. On a short girl (not I), it could be worn as a mini dress. On myself, it almost works as a mini dress, except that the surreptitiously shortens at a very crucial point, making it quite indecent. I wore this one time already, in TX where it is already very much summer, with short shorts. It produces quite the interesting illusion, as the shorts were nearly totally invisible, save for where the hem raises. Let's just say, I noticed people noticing, or maybe it was more like wondering. I am all for perceived indecency, it can only be a bonus. It would also be great as a beach cover-up, where perceived indecency is totally socially acceptable. Worn with pants, it is even work appropriate.

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