Monday, May 16, 2011

Beltane to Memorial Day Countdown: I hate Mondays

I don't even have a traditional work schedule (in fact, today is my day off), but because I love office humor/Garfield/the comic Cathy (ACK! Chocolate!) sooooo much*, I hate Mondays. Of course, this could also be due to the fact that I am so in touch with the energies of the universe that I am picking up on all the negative vibes being emitted from all the 9-5ers laboring away out there.

Since Mondays suck, I try to allow myself a "free pass" as much as possible on Mondays. What better way to enjoy a free pass than by doing some "lite" day drinking?

And what better place to do some light day drinking than the Joint**, home of the Monday all day $1.50 happy hour? Of course, $1.50 happy hour can quickly lapse into heavy day-into-night drinking, but for someone on a budget with a love of the BEST CHEESE CURDS IN THE CITY, the Joint is where it is at.

As the Joint is a biker bar, and I am entertaining the idea of heading over there as I write this, I present you with my daily tank top, as inspired by this fabulous establishment:

Vintage Sturgis Tanktop

The 1989 Sturgis Tank Top.

Now, normally little ribbed tanks with lace trimming are ass, but the fact that this is a vintage piece celebrating the most badass biking celebration offsets that rule. Now, I can't pretend that I know a whole lot about biking culture, but I am willing to bet that Sturgis in 1989 was a bit more badass than today's annual event, where (from what I gathered from a print publication found in the hotel room we were staying at en route to Portland a couple years ago***) the festival has become a bit of a stomping ground for middle-agers bent on pretending that they still are/ever were actual badasses.

The thing about this top is that, despite its awesomeness, wearing such a declaration of biking culture is not a task to be taken lightly. As I am not a biker, I don't want to be that poser who shows up at the Joint wearing it. Conversely, wearing a Sturgis top anywhere is apparently an invitation to old biker dudes to strike up a conversation with you, so it helps to have a few drinks in you.

Such is the dilemma I face with the Sturgis tank. Regardless, I greatly admire this top and can only imagine the sorts of adventures it has the potential to get me in.

**I just came across a description of the Joint that called it "a sunny place for shady people."
***Note: if you are moving your brother across the country, take note of when the largest motorcycle festival is happening if you are planning on spending the night in South Dakota. Of course, if you don't, you may have the pleasure of engaging in conversation with Hells Angels wearing brass knuckles while they fill up their tanks and try to shove boxes of condoms into their packs.****
****True story.


  1. i love that it is the 49th annual as well. not the 50th. i hope whoever owned this tank was there in 1990 to see the 50th celebration!

  2. They were SO close! I'm willing to bet they didn't give up their 50th annual commemorative tank!