Thursday, May 12, 2011

Beltane to Memorial Day Countdown: Back to the Basics

While Laurie is having a quarter + fourlife crisis about seeing her 20's slipping away (three words for you: pitchers of margaritas), I have been contemplating my own existence. More specifically, my style existence. After a five day migraine, one failed attempt at a gluten-free diet, one vomiting/pooing dog, a viewing of American Beauty, a haircut at the hands of my beloved and a well deserved Party Pizza, I finally remember who I am. My next daunting task, however, is to revisit the piles of clothing in my room and continue the process of my spring time purge (yes, I realize this has been going on for about a month now. I am very busy).

One of the most tedious things about purging a closet filled with thrifted finds is deciding which gems are actually gems that I will wear and which gems are actually just chunks of coal that haven't quite gotten to the diamond stage of their lives and are more likely to get there hanging in someone else's closet. As the most exciting thing about thrifting for me (I said it. The MOST exciting thing about thrifting) is finding the most crazy, unimaginable pieces you never even imagined existed, I have a lot of pieces that require major effort to incorporate in my daily wardrobe.

Keeping this in mind, sometimes it is best to look for basic pieces while thrifting. Sure, they aren't the most exciting things to write about (or photograph), but while your turquoise dress overcoat with a flower on the shoulder that is the size of your head haunts you until you are ready to come to terms with parting with it, basics will never do you wrong. They will never hurt you, or make you angry every time you open your drawers. They will be like trusted friends, who are always there when you need a foundation for a totally amazing outfit or to conceal your boobs in that sheer top.

Such is the case with my second Jonathan Martin (unicorns!) tank in this countdown—a black silk camisole.


Yawn, right? Even if I was the most amazing photographer in the world, with the best camera money can buy, I probably still couldn't photograph this top in a way that would make you want to thrift it. Yet, the uses of this cami are endless—I picked this up for a few bucks a year ago and it has been an excellent go-to for topping crazy bottoms, for wearing underneath tops that need a nice base layer, or for those days when I feel like I am in the Ab Fab minimalist skit*.

Even if it isn't much to brag about, I know for a fact that this will be staying in my closet for years to come—and that is why sometimes it pays to thrift for the basics.

*I tried for like eight minutes** to find a clip of this video, because it is one of my favorites and I think everyone deserves to see it, but because the BBC Worldwide corporation apparently is more concerned with money than enhancing the world by sharing creativity and humor (excuse me, humour), I can't. Sorry.
** Eight minutes spent googling "Absolutely Fabulous minimalism" is like 160 minutes in real life.

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