Friday, May 6, 2011

Beltane to Memorial Day Countdown: Pink and White Striped Tank

As you may have guessed from the fact that I agreed to allocate an entire month of fashion blogging to the topic of tank tops, I am a huge fan of the tank. There are many reasons for this—the style's association with summer (my most favorite season of all time), my affinity towards bare arms, breathable pits, their versatility, and, above all, the way that most simple tank top can be so awesome that you find yourself going to it again and again. In other words, tank tops are, to me, the security blankets of my wardrobe.

Unlike other pieces of clothing, if I find a tank top thrifting that I like, I almost always get it. I do this because, without fail, I will end up getting tons of milage out of it. Even if it doesn't initially seem like a crazy, standout piece, its usefulness will lead to utter devotion. Plus, tanks are usually among the cheapest clothing you can find thrifting!

Case in point: this pink and white striped boxy 90's tank.

90's Striped Boxy Tank Top

I picked this up thrifting in Ironwood last winter and was initially unsure about the fit. Initially, it seemed too boxy, but I am a sucker for stripes and (as I just explored in my last post) BUTTONS. As it turns out, the top has quickly climbed to the height of my "go to" clothing list. I've decided that the cut is just boxy enough, and the colors and details are both interesting and subtle enough to allow for many different styling options (i.e. what sort of top I can put over it). Though I have been sporting this piece since winter, I am excited to get some mileage out of it in the warmer months, so it can shine on its own. Plus, can you imagine how cute it would look with a pair of shorts?! CAN'T WAIT!

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